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Thanks for dropping by to have a read of whats on my mind this week.
If you need to make contact just send me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll get back to you. Keep happy in business.

catching up

Have not blogged for ages and really need to start again to get info up for you to read.  Life has been busy with getting client accounts completed and filed with IRD.  Will try and get some interesting tidbits going that may help in your business.


Whats been happening

Over the past 6 months there has been so many things happening and businesses to help.

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Christmas Challenge

2011 brought a lot of challenges for me and I am sure that 2012 will be the same

During 2011 I was asked to make my nephews future wifes wedding dress as I had made his Mums (my sister) dress 30 years ago.I had a photo of what she wanted however there definately was no pattern so the fun began !!!!  

See photos in blog


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Just what you need at this time of the year

I have just had the most awesome experience .... biking down Mt Taranaki - on the road of course.  Check the bikers photo!!

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Really Bad Customer Service

Last weekend I was in Napier and visited a store called “Kiwi Outdoors” where we saw these shoes that have toes in them (they are called “Five Finger Shoes”).  I had recently talked about these with my son and also had seen them used by one of the athletes in an off road race.  The shoes fascinated me an I wanted to try them on to see if I liked them on my feet,  our friend with us also decided that they would try the shoes.

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Good Moods in business

I cant believe the difference that the nicer weather is making to peoples moods.  I had a person say to me yesterday, I really think that people are starting to get out and spend a bit - long may it last

I also think that peoples moods have changed with the All Blacks winning on Sunday night and the hype that this has created.   I do hope that this euphoria continues when the rugby is over.

Keep positive and happy in business


Herrmann Training Day

Last week I went to Auckland to do some professional development in the Herrmann Thinking styles work that I do with individuals and organisations.

 Everytime that I talk about this I get really excited with the applications that can be used to help people not only in their personal lives but in their professional lives.

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Get your records straight

Last Monday I went to a meeting (wearing my Tax Agent hat) this meeting focused on what the IRD will be looking at over the next year to ensure that taxpayers are meeting their tax obligations.

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Clearing the mess

 My office looked a bit like as disaster area so felt that I should spend a little bit of time to get the papers into the appropriate files and back into the filing cabinets.

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Being World Class

An excerpt from
Secrets of the World Class
by Steve Siebold


The Middle Class competes...the World Class creates.

The Middle Class avoids risk...the World Class manages risk.

The Middle Class loves to be comfortable. The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Middle Class hungers for security...The World Class doesn't believe security exists.

The Middle Class sacrifices growth for safety. The World Class sacrifices safety for growth.

The Middle Class focuses on having...The World Class focuses on being.

The Middle Class is frustrated...The World Class is grateful.

The Middle Class has pipe dreams...The World Class has vision.

The Middle Class trades time for money...The World Class trades ideas for money.

The Middle Class is problem oriented...The World Class is solution oriented.

The Middle Class sees itself as a victim. The World Class sees itself as responsible.

The Middle Class thinks it knows enough...The World Class is eager to learn.

The Middle Class chooses fear...The World Class chooses growth.

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