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Just what you need at this time of the year

I have just had the most awesome experience .... biking down Mt Taranaki - on the road of course.  Check the bikers photo!!

My loverly husband Wayne who likes looking at "Grab One" managed to pick up an experience where we travelled to Stratford with my sister and her hubby and did two bike rides down the mountain.  The beauty of these rides is the you get taken up the mountain and then ride down - how good is that !!.The first one would have been a bit of an adrenalin rush for most people as they hooned down the mountain at a rate of knots!!!  Some went faster that others but the wind rushing by was just so great! -  my type of biking with little peddling right back to Stratford and time for lunch.

Our host Carol then took us back up the mountain this time to Dawson falls and dropped us off once again and let us go, we stopped and had a look at the falls and an old power station and then headed on with our once again fast downhill ride.  This was a much longer ride with a 12 km ride back into Stratford where we did have to pedal!!!

With the two rides a total of about 55km were ridden, of course most was downhill and didnt even have to peddal

Once back we settled into our accommodation at The Heritage Lodge in Stratford with a few wines and a review of our day and then out for a meal.

Carol who is part owner  of East Taranaki Experience introduced us to the other aspects of their business which are tramps in the area taking you into the area north east of Stratford heading towards the Wanganui river where the area is steeped in History.

So if you want to do something different that wont break the bank have a look at this, Carol tells us she will be doing a grab one deal again in the new year.    Go to

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