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Herrmann Training Day

Last week I went to Auckland to do some professional development in the Herrmann Thinking styles work that I do with individuals and organisations.

 Everytime that I talk about this I get really excited with the applications that can be used to help people not only in their personal lives but in their professional lives.

One of the things that was extremely interesting was the fact that while all of us in the room were Herrmann Certified Practitioners we all had different thinking styles and approached the exercises given to us in different ways which was fabulous.  The thing that I really liked about this was the fact that not being a natural A/blue type person, the A/blue type was able to give us pointers on the aspects of the exercise that was really important to them.  This gave those of us who were not naturals in this area the things that we should be aware of when we are dealing with these people and ensure that we are delivering information that resonates with the reader or listener, thus enabling them to make better decisions without prejudices creeping in with a style that they don’t associate with.

 While I use these practices in my work I really see a greater effort needs to be made to ensure this is used in all that I do.

 Professional development is great as it really gives us a shot in the arm to get back and try some different things in our businesses and just be aware that we should be moving forward all the time and not stagnating.

 Keep happy in whatever you are doing and move forward a step at a time


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