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Training and Workshops

Training your people to ensure they have the right skills will be one of the most important things to assist in the growth and maintenance of a healthy business.  Many managers say that they won't train or just don't train their people for various reasons, one of these being cost.  It is a well know fact that it is by far cheaper to train a current staff member that needs some upskilling than to replace them.  With training, people can achieve great things as they get to know what is expected from them in their position.

Some managers send their people on training courses expecting their skill deficiencies to be fixed when they come back onto the job.  In many instances this does not happen.

Our philosophy with training is that attending the training is only part of the desired outcome in the participants progress.   The monitoring of the team members progress when they come back onto the workplace will ensure the skills gained are being put into practice and utilised.  This is where managment can gain a great return on their investment, which all business people are wanting from having their people attend one of our training courses.

To assist in identifying your training needs, call us for a FREE TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT for your business.

Upcoming workshops


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Small Business Specialists Training Programmes

  • Introduction to Thinking Styles
  • Communication using Thinking Styles
  • Leadership using Thinking Styles
  • Sales using Thinking Styles
  • Setting the strategy using Thinking Styles
  • Setting up systems
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Projects
  • Conquering Conflict


Sales & Marketing Series

Discover Why You Need a Database



Do you know who your customers are and how to contact them?  An interactive workshop which walks you through a working database to illustrate why this is an essential tool for your business (more)

So You Want to have Awesome Customer Service



Making sure everyone understands why customer retention is number one and the most important aspect in the business.  This workshop explores how to be customer driven.

Making the Sale



Are your customers all the same?  Customers are like liquorices, they come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.  During this interactive session we explore selling and purchasing styles and look at how these can be used to make sales for your business.


Personal Development Series

What Makes U Tick?



This fascinating workshop explores the different thinking processes.  Discover why we act and think like we do. Gain a greater understanding of yourself and the people you interact with.

Leading Your Team


What makes a great leader?  Explore the three different leadership styles and how to implement them in your business.

Managing Change



The key to managing any change is communication and getting people involved.  Learn how to successfully implement change and minimise the potential for conflict.

Innovate to Gain Competitive Edge


What are consequences of unleashing your creativity?  Discover your and your business' potential.  You might just surprise yourself!

What Makes a Winner?



Successful people know where they're going every day, every month, every year. They have clearly defined goals.  The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't set them.  This workshop provides a simple structure for planning your personal growth and development.

Setting the Standards in Service



Do your staff know how to present themselves to their best ability?  Can they greet and converse with customers in an appropriate manner? This full day workshop gives participants the skills they need to maximize every interaction with a customer.

So you want to better at Time Management?


Do you find there is simply not enough time in the day?  This full day workshop provides many tips and techniques to help you be more productive.


Business Essentials Series

So You Want To Be More Organised?


Is the information in your business organised and easy to find?  Do you have guidelines on how things should be done?  This full day workshop provides an in-depth look into the systems of an efficient business and how to produce those essential policies and procedures.

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