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Get your records straight

Last Monday I went to a meeting (wearing my Tax Agent hat) this meeting focused on what the IRD will be looking at over the next year to ensure that taxpayers are meeting their tax obligations.

One aspect that I am quite focused on at the moment is that of record keeping and making sure that you take the time to keep up to date with getting your data filed not only with the IRD but in those files that are in your Office.

Over the past week I have been away on a road show with a client organization dealing with some basic business skills and my part is keeping the office tidy.  So would like to pass on a couple of things that might help you to get things in the office straight.

One thing that you need to do is to get all your files in order.

Make sure that you have those leverarch files or similar to put your bank statements, IRD info, wages info, accounts payable, accounts receivable etc into.  One tip that I would give here is to make sure these files are well indexed and labeled you will find getting the paper into the right place in the file so easy.

 The other tip to share with you is to write out a master plan of all the files that you have in your filing cabinet, get these into alphabetical order then when something arrives in and you are not sure where to put it consult the master list (which should be in the front of the cabinet for easy reference) and you will get it away into its home immediately and wont have the paper pile up and your office looking like a disaster area.

 From the work I have been doing lately with getting your systems right there would only be 20% of people that are good with the paperwork the other 80% live in some form of chaos with their paper.

 If you did not have chaotic mess and were able to find your important documents in the right place at the right time you would save yourself time and a be able to earn more money through being more efficient.

 Give these couple of tips a go to see if they make a difference! I would love to hear how you get on.

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