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Clearing the mess

 My office looked a bit like as disaster area so felt that I should spend a little bit of time to get the papers into the appropriate files and back into the filing cabinets.

The reason that I let things get a little out of hand was that I have been really busy over the past few weeks with training and getting my accounting clients information up to date and just let the papers pile up.  I have ended up falling into my own little trap of taking my eye off the filing war.

 I also needed to take last financial years documents and get these boxed up for storage, this keeps my information in manageable bites and with this well labeled,  I’m able to find information quickly should I need it again.

 I, like many other business people am not that good at keeping all files and the office neat and tidy all the time,  however I know that I should !! .   I do know that if you deal with the papers when you have them in front of you and get them in their appropriate place things in the office do work a lot easier and you are able to find information quicker and don’t have to spend what seems unproductive time cleaning up the mess.   The best way to deal with the paper war is to file and put away immediately, this will save time and you wont have the marathon that sometimes occurs when things get a little out of control.

 When we are dealing with paper we need to ensure that our systems are set up and know exactly where that piece of paper will go. 

 Many people just put names on files and put them in their filing cabinet and have no system for  dealing with information as it comes into the office, then struggle to find what they have done with documents as there can be one of many places to look!!

 Just as we plan to go on holiday or plan our business growth or marketing we also need to plan our filing system and know exactly what goes where.  This planning will help us to be so much more effective in managing the paper and get a handle on what is where.

 If you need a hand with organising your office give me a call and lets talk about what can be done to get you in shape.

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