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Really Bad Customer Service

Last weekend I was in Napier and visited a store called “Kiwi Outdoors” where we saw these shoes that have toes in them (they are called “Five Finger Shoes”).  I had recently talked about these with my son and also had seen them used by one of the athletes in an off road race.  The shoes fascinated me an I wanted to try them on to see if I liked them on my feet,  our friend with us also decided that they would try the shoes.

The shop assistant asked us how interested we were in purchasing as if we were not that interested in purchasing and were only a maybe, the shoes took a time to fit and he would only fit them if we were pretty sure we wanted to buy!!  We were flabbergasted at this comment and consequently left the shop.

There were many factors that needed to be taken into account when trying these shoes and for people that have not worn this type of shoe before surely it is up to the seller to accommodate the purchaser in enabling them to try to see if these shoes that apparently feel as though you are in bare-feet are going to suit.  But no this wasn’t going to happen at Kiwi Outdoors in Napier.

If these shoes had been suitable the two of us that were slightly intrigued and interested would have purchased whereas we walked out of the shop with our around $250 each still in our pockets.

The young man that served us also said that it was a directive from management to only try these shoes on with people that were really interested in purchasing.  What a great sales pitch.

How would all of our businesses survive if we adopted this attitude.!!!

Comments would be great if you have had a really bad Customer Service experience

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