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How are you keeping in contact with your customers to let them know about your products and services ?

We have been using our ACT database for an number of years now and the programme just gets better and better.

Over the time that we have been providingTraining courses and Coaching clients we have been able to keep information for an individual or for group where a person has attended a particular course.

One of the big bonuses is that you only have to enter the client data once and then have the ability to view client information that tells you the programmes that has been attended by a person or as a group with others who attended, date attended etc.

It is so easy to do a quick e-mail-outor ordinary mail out to keep in touch with people.This of course keeps your name up front in the clients mind.

Recording clients under specific categories helps when wanting to do a mail-out as this can easily identify the categories to send to saving heaps of time.

Everytime you email/mail out to a client the mail-out info it attached to the client record. So if you want to have a look at the client you are able to see quickly any communication in the past.This also applies to any other communication that you have with the client or group.

The programme is really user friendly by being able to edit and create your information that you want to be able to review.

The reporting function is also great as you are able to keep records of yourquotes and know how many you are actually winning and missing out on through the great reports function.

The other reporting feature is the Sales calls and knowing very quickly the sales calls that have been made and the results obtained.

We have used spreadsheets in the past to keep tract of sales however if your team or even if you are a sole person in the business you can easily see what you have actually achieved for the week, month etc.Great tracking.

It is also a great way of creating your calls for the following week once again easily without having to retype information into a table or spreadsheet.

On that note you have the ability to export data into an excel spreadsheet which makes it even more user friendly.

There are so many features that you could use to keep in touch with your clients.

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Call me to talk about this or view the supporting material as put out by ACT by Sage.

To Purchase your copy of ACT just contact me and we will organise this for you.

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